Our Car

Have you seen our car driving around town and thought, “What’s that?” 

We notice that we get a lot of people turning their heads as we go by.

Our car is a “Nissan Cube”, and people either love them or hate them. The “Cube” is a little weird, with that asymmetric wraparound window on the rear.  But for our needs it’s great – there’s plenty of room in the back for all our photography gear, it’s small and nimble so it’s easy to park, and it’s light on the fuel.

What are people saying about our car?

  • The London Design Museum named it in their book of “Fifty Cars That Changed The World” (find it at Amazon).
  • It’s huge in Japan. No really, it is.
  • Kelley Blue Book’s kbb.com named it as one of the top ten coolest cars in 2009, stating:

“High fashion and a low price make the Nissan cube an excellent choice for buyers who want to look cool on a budget. The cube takes the compact box concept and elevates it with distinct details like asymmetrical rear styling and a supremely roomy and flexible interior.”

  • The Los Angeles Times called it “coolness in a box” (see latimes.com).
  • … whilst the American Automobile Association listed it as one of the top vehicle picks for dog owners (see InsideLine.com).
  • Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear was a little less favourable:

“Looking like a refined version of a doodle a nine-year-old might pen in an exercise book during double geography, the Cube is one car that has no problem living up to its name.

“… it’s not a car I could care for, but unless you’re thinking of driving naked, ways of attracting the undivided attention of every other road user probably come no cheaper than this.”

When you’re in the advertising business, attention is exactly what we’re looking for.

Which is kind of why we got one.