Property Styling

How would you like that home you’re selling or that project you’re promoting to look like it’s been photographed for a high end home design magazine?

Can you imagine what that would do for your marketing?!  Would it place you above your competitors, and give you that winning advantage?  Of course it will!

One of the things we do at Highshots Photography is we include property styling with our photography.

Compare these two photos. The one on the left is the ‘before’ shot, and the one on the right was taken after we styled the room:

Brisbane real estate photography - before shot

Brisbane real estate photography - after shot

Here’s a video that explains what we’ve done to transform the above lounge room. Watch as Linda works her magic, bringing in extra props and accessories to create just the right look for marketing a home:

Property Styling for Real Estate:

Property styling, also known as “home staging” or “property presentation”, is the art of preparing your home to show it to its most appealing advantage. It’s the action of creating an environment in which buyers can see themselves living there. By minimising flaws and emphasising your home’s attributes you can get buyers to feel a sense of urgency about making an offer before someone else buys it first!

Whether your property is a freestanding house, unit, cottage, terrace, heritage or contemporary home, investment property etc., it’s vitally important that any house or home for sale is styled. Property styling is a simple and effective method that ensures that any home for sale has greater appeal to an an increased number of buyers.

However, in order to have potential buyers come through your home you need to give them a reason to take time out of their day to visit your property.  It is the photos you use in your marketing campaign, first and foremost, that either grabs the attention of a potential buyer or turns them away.  It is therefore critically important that all of your images look absolutely top notch.   And it’s not just that the photos must be technically good.  It is also important that your home is beautifully styled for each shot so that each image in your marketing campaign looks like it could belong in a home magazine.

If you book one of our premium real estate photography packages, then two of our team will arrive and work through together, setting up each shot as we go.

This might involve us rearranging your furniture, hiding some clutter, or setting up a nice set of cushions on your lounge suite.  Although we like to use what is already in a home (so that it can be left that way when you have buyers through), we can bring in some flowers for your dining table, add a plate of delicious-looking fruit to your kitchen, or place some of our fluffy towels in your bathroom.  That’s right – we carry some of our own props with us to use in your home.

With our property styling photography packages, we go all out to make sure every single photograph we take is set up as well as possible.

The difference?

Well styled homes bring as much as 15% more revenue than those that aren’t!

First impressions count

When we meet a person for the first time, we form critical first impressions in those first few moments of meeting. That’s probably what you did with your real estate agent and that’s exactly what will happen when prospective buyers come to your home. It’s widely known in the real estate industry that in the first eight seconds of viewing your home, buyers will know if they are attracted or not. The rest of the time spent inspecting your property will be based on those all-important first impressions.

The same rule regarding first impressions also impacts upon the photographs people see of your property online or in a newspaper.

If you’re selling a car, you’ll usually wash and vacuum it, make sure that the motor will start, ensure that the lights are working etc. We do all this to present our car to the best advantage so that it will sell! Your home is no different – except that you stand to make much more money.

To find out more about our real estate property styling service, call our office on (07) 3103 4995 and ask to speak to Pam.