Elevated Photography

Does your home or building project need elevated photography?

Most photographers shoot a home from ground level since they don’t have the gear for elevated photography. Unfortunately you often cannot capture the best external view of a property from the ground, and this can apply to low-set or high-set homes. Furthermore, your home might be hidden by trees, fences, or other obstacles.

The solution is to go up!

The photo on the left was taken from ground level, which was down a hill and amongst a lot of trees and shrubs.  The photo on the right was taken using our elevated photography system – a shot that would not be possible any other way.

Elevated Photography by Highshots

Ground level photo

Elevated Photography by Highshots

Elevated photo - 7.5 metres above ground level

Our exclusive portable elevated photography system allows us to shoot from a height of up to 8 metres above ground level.  This allows us to get up and above anything that might be in the way so we can photograph your home from its best angle.

You might be surprised how many properties benefit from a little elevation, as even a home with a clear front yard can often seem much grander when photographed from a higher position.

Why choose Highshots for elevated photography in Brisbane?

While many companies offer elevated photography most of their systems are attached to a car or a van, so they can only take an elevated shot of the front of the home.  Some can also take a shot as high as 15 metres from ground level. This is ideal for some homes, but sometimes all you’re left with is a great photo of the roof!

The Highshots system is different.  We are limited to a height of 8 metres, but it’s completely portable, so if we can walk there, we can shoot from there!

We can get into a backyard and shoot from the tennis court, stand on a pontoon on the river and photograph the rear of the property with the water lapping at the rocks in the foreground, or simply move quickly and easily to three or four different locations out the front of the home – at no extra cost!

For more information on our elevated photography, call our office on (07) 3103 4995.  You may also like to look at our photography prices.