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Are you looking for a Brisbane real estate photography company that delivers great images that attract a crowd?

How much will all of this cost?

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At Highshots Photography we take the time to carefully set up and style every room so that each home looks the very best it can be. This increases the perceived value of the home in the eyes of the buyer, giving the seller the best chance possible at achieving a high sale price.

A lot of people don’t know which type of photoshoot is going to serve them best, so we’ve put this little flow chart together to help you work through the process of choosing just the right photography package for your property.


Which photo shoot is right for you?




Brisbane real estate photography - how can Highshots help you?


Property styling: give your property the edge over the competition

Compare these two photos. The one on the left is the ‘before’ shot, and the one on the right was taken after we styled the room:

Brisbane real estate photography - before shot

Brisbane real estate photography - after shot

Here’s a video that explains what we’ve done to transform the above lounge room. Watch as Linda works her magic, bringing in extra props and accessories to create just the right look for marketing a home:

Why you need to choose the right real estate photography company:

To achieve success in real estate sales you need to attract as many people as possible to your open days. To do this, you need to give buyers a reason to take time out of their day to visit your property.

What will get the attention of buyers when they are flicking through the newspaper or searching online?

It is the photos you use in your marketing campaign, first and foremost, that either grabs the attention of a potential buyer or turns them away. It is therefore critically important that all of your images look like they’ve come out of a home magazine.

According to a report in CNN’s Money Magazine List of The 100 Best Money Moves You Can Make, tip number 19 is this:

“Hire a professional photographer to shoot the place once you’ve staged it.
High-quality photos will get your listing noticed online, which is where most homebuyers start their search these days.”

Remember, this is in a list of the best MONEY moves you can make … and other experts agree. According to the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

“… it pays to use a good photographer and cutting corners by taking your own images could lose you money in the long term by reducing the amount of potential buyers whose interest in your property is piqued by the fantastic shots used in advertising it.”

So clearly there is more to the photography than just making a home look nice. It is a decision that can affect you financially. Get it wrong, and you could lose thousands. Get it right, and you’ll be on top of the world!!

What can Highshots Photography provide for you:

At Highshots Photography we specialise in providing high end real estate photography for real estate agents and home owners in Brisbane. We know the market, we follow the trends, and we know what’s involved in marketing a property.


First Class Interiors:

Highshots Photography works as part of your team so that each property appears at its very best. Even ordinary homes will look better than you ever thought possible!

Bright and spacious rooms – the interior of your home will look as good or better than it really is.

See outside and in – grand views out the window will be on show for all to see.


Elevated Photography:

Highshots Photography can take elevated photos up to eight metres high, which allows us to obtain the best view of each property.

See more of the home – In many cases the key lifestyle features of a home are hidden by trees or fences.

Completely portable system unique to Highshots – we are not restricted by a system that attaches to a car or a trailer, so we can go just about anywhere! Down to the backyard, on to a tennis court, or from a pontoon on the river to capture the rear of the property with the water lapping at the rocks in the foreground.


Property Styling:

A stylist will be in attendance at our Premium-level shoots, and their role is to present the home so that it looks terrific! They are, in many ways, the make-up artist for the property. Working in tandem, the stylist and the photographer can achieve the best possible result.


Enhanced images:

We don’t just shoot and give you whatever comes out of the camera. Everyone in our processing department is an expert in Photoshop and colour correction. Unlike some other companies that outsource their work to unknown people overseas, we do all the corrections ourselves.

Photoshop knowledge – all your images will be colour corrected and optimally enhanced.

No more cloudy skies – we always add a natural blue sky to your photos to ensure they stand out in your marketing material.

Happy clients

Since 1998, our customers right across Brisbane have seen the benefits of using magazine-quality photography with property styling to achieve remarkable results. We’d be honoured if we could help YOU achieve results like these:

Greg from Old Cleveland Rd, Camp Hill:

Greg and his wife had had their home on the market for about five months, and the home had been photographed by two other professional photographers. However, they had not attracted a single offer. In frustration Greg decided to go to another agent, who arranged for Highshots Photography to shoot the home. The property was sold in 4 days. As Greg says in this video:

“Selling a house in four days in today’s market is pretty special, especially after you’ve been going through the process for nearly six months. To me, the key was the photos. They told the story that we wanted told. It was a pity the other people didn’t listen because they were doing a ‘job’. And you guys at Highshots were doing something special.”

- Greg, Camp Hill

Watch this video to see what Greg says when asked:

  • What would you tell anybody else putting their house on the market?
  • Did you get the price you wanted?
  • Is it worth paying a little extra for quality?

Ray White real estate agent Deborah McCulloch:

Deborah has been using Highshots Photography for about ten years. In this interview she says:

“I know that once you guys have been there and done that, it’s easier for me to sell the homes.”
“It’s an investment in selling their home for the best possible price … It all starts with the photography.”
“You care – you actually care about giving the seller good service and the right photos. That’s a big difference to a lot of photographers that just come in and go, ‘Oh yeah, ok …’ They can’t wait to get out of there just to earn their money. Whereas you actually do care.”
“You can get a cheaper crew who will do this sort of a job, or you can get Highshots – pay a bit extra – and you will not be sorry.”

Ruth from Cambridge St, Carina:

Ruth and her husband were advised to have Highshots Photography style and shoot their home, and they were very pleased with the result. Watch this video to see what Ruth has to say about:

  • professional real estate photography being an ‘investment’
  • the level of service delivered by Highshots
  • the response from her friends when they saw the images

Real estate trainer:

When Australian real estate trainer Glenn Twiddle placed his home on the market in late 2010, he had the choice of any real estate photographer in south-east Queensland, with many photographers offering to shoot his home for free.

However, Glenn chose to pay Highshots Photography to photograph his home, because he wanted to get the job done properly, with the result being a fast sale at a great price:

In June 2009 we decided to sell our home. After having 5 or 6 agents came through for appraisals, we were given a price range of mid $900,000s up to $1.1 million, with the majority of the agents believing that a sale over $1 million would be difficult. … we were extremely keen to make sure that we had a photographer who would highlight the beauty of the home with stunning photography. Our only choice was Linda & Darryl from Highshots Photography. Linda & Darryl had previously photographed a home for us in Carindale that sold in eight days and for far more than expected.
The team from Highshots are experts and so professional at what they do. Their photos are a true reflection of the features of the home and display it beautifully. And it worked! Less than two weeks after being put on the market we signed a contract – for well over $1 million.
High quality photography is so important! The results from the Highshots team were outstanding and I recommend them to everyone selling.

- Jennie Brown, Wakerley

It has been my pleasure to have known and used Highshots Photography for several years. What I look for, is the same as what my buyers look for, and that is brilliant, appealing, first impression photography.
Highshots are far more than just photographers and it shows in their work. 98% of my sellers follow my recommendation and use Highshots and are delighted, in some cases amazed, with the results.

- Graham Green, Coldwell Banker

Your Guarantee

You might have a few questions about Highshots:

Does professional photography really make a difference to the sale of a home?

While we cannot guarantee how many more potential buyers or how much extra value in sales price you will get with professional real estate photography, statistics have proved the effectiveness of professional photography in increasing the perceived values of marketed properties. My clients (real estate agents) have also found that to be true.

Where do you work, which areas do you cover?

Highshots Photography works right across the Brisbane CBD and suburbs. Even if you’re outside this area, we may still be able to help. Simply give our office a call on (07) 3103 4995 and we’ll discuss your specific needs and how we may be of help to you.

How long does it take to deliver?

Our fixed real estate photography packages come with a Delivery Guarantee:

We guarantee to get our real estate photos to you the same day or the next business day or they’re free.

What does it cost?

The price varies depending on the package that you choose. For a detailed real estate photography price list, visit our “Pricing” page. For other types of photography, contact us and we’ll put a custom package together that suits your individual needs.

How do I organise a shoot?

Simply call our office on (07) 3103 4995. Then, let us know the package you want to order and the details of the property you want to have photographed. Or, if you have any questions or want to discuss with us your specific needs, you are more than welcome. We would love to talk with you.

How much will all of this cost?

If you would like to see our detailed price list, all you need to do is click on the link below to go to our pricing page.

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