Building and Architectural Photography

At Highshots Photography we provide high quality building and architectural photography across south-east Queensland and Australia.

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If you require building or architectural photography for your business or organisation:

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What extra photography services can we offer to a builder or architect?

As a builder or architect you might have completed the building construction, but the building might not yet have furniture or landscaping to complete the picture.  At HighShots our building photography services can also include virtual furniture and virtual landscaping.  This means we can digitally add furniture and landscaping elements to a photo.  Here are some examples:

Virtual furniture sample by Highshots - 1

Virtual landscaping for builders:

We photographed this property just outside Brisbane before the owners moved in.  The builders hadn’t quite finished the project, and there was still painting to be done and some tiles to be added to the rear patio.  Weeds were growing all over the place, and it was muddy and still a construction site.  However, with our virtual landscaping we were able to tidy up the yard, add in fresh green turf, a new driveway and a path leading out from the front door.  So if you think you need new building photography but you’re hesitant because the landscaping isn’t finished yet, have a chat with us because we may be able to take some photos for you anyway.

Virtual landscaping - before and after photo

What’s important when hiring a building and architectural photographer?

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

Hire a specialist.
The photography of buildings and architecture is a unique field, quite different to the more common forms of photography such as wedding and portraiture. An architectural photographer will focus their training and day to day shooting on the photography of buildings (both residential and commercial). At Highshots Photography we only shoot architecture. We know what we’re good at, and we stick to it.

Carefully look at their portfolio of images.
Look for a photographer that produces images you like.  You may want to go for the photographer that gave you the cheaper quote, but just as you don’t select your building materials based on price alone, neither should you select your photographer in that way.

Talk with the photographer.
You want to find someone that is easy to work with, flexible, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Find out what you get.
Will the photographer provide you with the license to use the photos as you would like, or will that cost extra?  Using photographs is a lot like buying a DVD.  When you buy that DVD, you agree to a license to use that movie for personal use only.  If you were to copy that DVD and sell it at your local market, you would be breaking that agreement. It’s very simliar with photographs.  The photographer retains the copyright and ownership of the images, and agrees to sell them to you for a particular purpose.  That cost will often change depending on what you as the client wants to do with the images.

For further information on copyright and photography in Australia, check out the Copyright Council of Australia’s document, “Photographers & Copyright”.