Here are some of the comments we have received from our customers.

Graham Green said:

“Some folks believe the Real Estate Market is tough at present, if that is the case all the more reason your home needs to stands out.  If you want the best price for your home then you want it to look the best.  Many Real Estate agents desperate to get your property to sell/give away, volunteer to pay for or do your photography. Faced with covering that cost themselves many have taken the discount option.  When it comes to your health would you be looking for a discount surgeon?  Well why would you risk a discount photographer with the photography of your home? 

When I commenced using Highshots back in 2004 my results doubled.  Where I took over properties from a previous agent and got Highshots to do the photography my vendors were amazed that inspections numbers skyrocketed. My advice to every home seller, is get the best photography. Pay Highshots yourself, own your photographs, maximize your inspections and results.”

In this video Graham talks further about how Highshots has helped grow his business:

Gail Havig:

Brisbane real estate agent Gail Havig (Havig & Jackson in Clayfield) was asked about why she continues to use Highshots Photography:

“I’m a great believer in excellence, and that’s what I’ve found with your company.”
“What has been so delightful for me, and easy, I can sit and read or be on a telephone while you’re taking photos of the house and I haven’t got to follow you around and say, ‘Take this, take that.’ You have a wonderful instinct for what is good to sell, or a photo that will help sell a house.”
“You have helped me to achieve some very high sales – some of the highest sales of properties that have ever been sold in Brisbane …. which has been greatly helped by your expertise, professionalism, and your just beautiful personalities.”
“It has been helpful to just send my potential clients your photos. I can’t tell you how many houses I’ve sold that way.”
“I’ve had so many vendors say to me, ‘Your photos are just so wonderful to look at!'”

Ray White real estate agent Deborah McCulloch:

Deborah has been using Highshots Photography for about ten years.  In this interview she says:

“I know that once you guys have been there and done that, it’s easier for me to sell the homes.”
“It’s an investment in selling their home for the best possible price … It all starts with the photography.”
“You care – you actually care about giving the seller good service and the right photos.  That’s a big difference to a lot of photographers that just come in and go, ‘Oh yeah, ok …’ They can’t wait to get out of there just to earn their money. Whereas you actually do care.”
“You can get a cheaper crew who will do this sort of a job, or you can get Highshots – pay a bit extra – and you will not be sorry.”

Julie Crittenden:

Julie Crittenden, the principal at an LJ Hooker real estate office in Brisbane, spoke recently about her experience with Highshots Photography.  Julie was asked why she continues to use Highshots Photography when she could be using a cheaper photographer – her answer is worth seeing.

Julie also talks about the respect and care that Highshots Photography take when we walk into a home.

Greg from Camp Hill:

Selling a house in four days in today’s market is pretty special … To me, the key was the photos. They told the story that we wanted told.”
Watch this video to see what Greg says when asked:

  • What would you tell anybody else putting their house on the market?
  • Did you get the price you wanted?
  • Is it worth paying a little extra for quality?

Ruth from Cambridge St, Carina:

Ruth and her husband were advised to have Highshots Photography style and shoot their home, and they were very pleased with the result. Watch this video to see what Ruth has to say about:

  • professional real estate photography being an ‘investment’
  • the level of service delivered by Highshots
  • the response from her friends when they saw the images

Real estate trainer:

When Australian real estate trainer Glenn Twiddle placed his home on the market in late 2010, he had the choice of any real estate photographer in south-east Queensland, with many photographers offering to shoot his home for free.

However, Glenn chose to pay Highshots Photography to photograph his home, because he wanted to get the job done properly, with the result being a fast sale at a great price:

David Moore:

Real estate agent David Moore has tried several different real estate photographers, so why does he stick with Highshots?

Michelle Moores:

Find out why real estate agent Michelle says that she doesn’t have buyers without Highshots. They’ve tested our shots against others, and found that they don’t get as many enquiries as they do with photos from Highshots.

Sue Barnes said:

“Photos are now on the net and the owners are totally stoked with your work. It looks awesome!”

Carol Jeffery said:

“WOW!  is the word to describe your work, thank you. To have received the photos late yesterday is well beyond the call of duty and I know you did that because of me , thank you again.”

Megan McLaughlin said:

“Please accept my most sincere thanks for your artful assistance in presenting my home so professionally, in preparation for sale.

You were both so helpful and happy to travel ‘the extra mile’ so to speak, in making my home look so beautiful in the photographs.”

Anthony Devon & Robyn Forrest said:

“We have just received our photographs and are absolutely thrilled with what you achieved for us.  The photos look wonderful and there is not a bad shot amongst them.  Thank you so much for a professional, punctual, very worthwhile service which we will most certainly recommend to our family and friends.”