Get more buyers

Marketing your home is all about creating competition amongst buyers.  To achieve this you will need to attract as many interested buyers as possible.

Buyers are attracted to homes that look fantastic and are well styled.  Therefore, the number one ingredient you need for your marketing campaign is exceptional, magazine-quality photography.

According to a report in CNN’s Money Magazine List of The 100 Best Money Moves You Can Make, tip number 19 is this:

“Hire a professional photographer to shoot the place once you’ve staged it.
High-quality photos will get your listing noticed online, which is where most homebuyers start their search these days.”

Remember, this is in a list of the best MONEY moves you can make.  Note also that it says to hire a photographer “once you’ve staged it”.  That “home staging” or “property styling” is important, and unless you need major work (like new paint, new carpet, etc), hiring Highshots Photography to do it when we photograph your home is probably going to be the cheapest option for you.

Here’s how you can get more buyers in four easy steps:

Step 1. Draw a crowd.

Your objective with any marketing campaign is to attract as much interest and as many buyers as possible. Why? Because competition is the best way to achieve a top price for your home, your project, or your services.

Step 2. People judge the photos, so get the best shots you can.

Most people will decide whether or not to buy something based on how it looks. And if all they have is a photo to look at, then those photos have to be beautiful enough to catch the attention of your prospective buyers and entice them to come to your property or make an enquiry.

Step 3. People pay more for something that is well styled.

Having nice photos that are sharp, well lit and nicely composed is a great start, but the building or home you are photographing has to be immaculately styled as well because then it looks more expensive. Think about it – if you see a photo of a lounge room, and it’s looking bland and boring, there’s nothing there to excite you and make you think that it’s worth paying a top price for. However, if you see a lounge that looks just like something you would see in an advertising brochure for a furniture store or in a book, then you start to think that it might be worth paying more for such a great looking place.  That’s the importance of property styling.

Step 4. Call Highshots Photography to get the process started.

We’ll provide you with great looking, well-styled photos that draws a crowd and helps you achieve a premium price for your property or service.  Call us on (07) 3103 4995.